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Mark & Julie Ostapovitch and family

serving in Hong Kong

Mark and Julie OstapovitchIt was 1997 when we bundled up our two little girls, Hilary, aged 5 and Zoe, aged 23 months, and went to work in an orphanage in Asia. We had felt the call to do this while preparing to adopt Zoe but never really thought it would happen so quickly. We spent three and a half years there. This experience changed our lives forever. It also changed our family as we adopted a third daughter, Leanne, while there.

The desire to serve overseas never left even though we re-established our life in Canada. This was a time of discovery and reconnecting for us, and we are grateful for our time there. But then the opportunity presented itself to return to Asia. At first we were flattered to think that others thought our skills useful but as we prayed about this opportunity we realized it was tailor-made for our family. So in September 2006, with excitement and many bags, we returned to Asia.

We are full-time volunteers for an organization that endeavors to meet the needs of the poor and disadvantaged locally and around the world. So instead of serving one group we have the opportunity to serve and impact hundreds of lives. It is a heavy work that goes beyond our own abilities, but it is a meaningful work. And we are the privileged ones, seeing His kingdom work done in such a tangible way.

Our girls also have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community which labors together for Him. They too give one afternoon a week to help with the many needs here and they have a unique perspective on our world and on how we can all make a difference, no matter how old or young you may be.

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