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A Hug From God

by Ninrod Lopez

Recently I attended a youth retreat that changed my life. The pastor started to preach about the love of God and that his love is like that of a Father (many of us don't have fathers, or we haven't seen them for a long time). I haven't received any support, or affection, or “I love you,” or one word of strength or tenderness from him.

The pastor asked us to go up front if we wanted the love of our Father God. I went up front because I wanted to feel “the love of the Father.” I was nervous, embarrassed, angry, and lonely. I know that it was God who wanted me to go up front because he wanted to forgive me, love and hug me- the things that I wanted to feel. God was receiving me in his arms and I felt so happy, I had a great peace in my heart, followed by an incredible calm. It was wonderful. I have never cried so much as I did that wonderful night.

I found myself on my knees crying and asking God to forgive me for my sins and that I wanted a hug from Him, my Father God. All the emotions and events in my life passed through my mind like a movie and tormented me and destroyed me inside. But I felt like that anguish didn't stay, but it left forever and now my heart is clean, renewed thanks be to God. He filled me with His great love.

Andrea Zimmerman organized this retreat for the youth from La Finca de los Niños children’s home in Honduras.

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