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Daryl and Mary

About Us

The Second Tunic was founded in 2005 by Daryl & Mary Martin. It is a practical response to a small vision that has outgrown our ability and resources as a couple.

The Second Tunic was formed to allow others to join with us in sharing of their second tunic with those who have little or none.

The Second Tunic is a Pennsylvania registered, non-profit organization. We have received 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts to The Second Tunic are tax deductible.

The Second Tunic's mission statement is:

  • To send and support individuals and teams to come alongside of existing and emerging ministries, giving assistance and encouragement.
  • To serve with humility and compassion.
  • To share generously both our abilities and resources.


At The Second Tunic we believe in the value of short-term service assisting long-term workers. The short-term individual or team comes with enthusiasm and energy, which rekindles the passion and encourages the long-term workers who are serving the people in their particular ministry

We also send mission workers to serve long-term with existing and emerging ministries. For both short-term teams and long-term workers there is an application process. Contact Daryl at


We want to serve with humility and compassion. We do not desire to open The Second Tunic ministry locations but to go and serve alongside of existing and emerging ministries lending support and assistance as needed.

We believe our local area is a storehouse of talent and ability that has great value to many ministries. We desire to be a bridge to link ability with need. We at The Second Tunic also believe our local area has been blessed with an abundance of resources. We desire to allow opportunity for a practical response so those with two “tunics” can share with those who have none. The name and this principle come from the Bible. In Luke 3:11 it says, “The man with two tunics should share with him who has none.”


We will share generously. One part of sharing is giving financial support to individuals and organizations who are serving. The decision to give support will always be made by the board of The Second Tunic. Another part of sharing is to assist with projects that benefit the people of a specific area. An example would be to give toward the digging of wells so that people can irrigate their gardens and thus have adequate food for the year. These types of projects would generally benefit the whole community.

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