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Daryl and ManThe Captive is Free

by Lou and Tanja Velasco

Mugo is now 20 but has spent the last five years as a rebel. I met him in prison. Seldom does anyone take the initiative to ask for prayer. Mugo did. He was a little timid but came, held my hand, and said, “My brother, I need prayer.” I felt so much compassion as I prayed for him. It was a glorious moment for me. I saw him teary-eyed and realized he was being ministered to by Jesus, deep within. Later on I could see in his eyes a clear and free man. He was free even while he was in chains. The following week he testified publicly to all inmates how he had been freed from the disturbing and horrible thoughts of the past and since then how he had been sleeping peacefully. Jesus has come so that we might have life and have it full.

Lou and Tanja participated in a School of Development with YWAM in Uganda and were on outreach to Sudan.

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