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slum houseSlum Survivor

A game for me . . . but real life for many

by Daryl Martin

During our time in Hong Kong I had the privilege of participating in the Slum Survivor event. Business persons from Hong Kong were invited to participate in building their own slum house and then live in it for 24 hours. While it was a fund-raiser, the goal was to raise awareness of the plight of the poor.

Various simulation games were played during that time to allow us a fuller view of the struggles of the poor and the one billion people who live in slums 365 days each year, many not by their choosing but by circumstances. It was a powerful time. I came away being challenged to make a difference, not to whole cities or countries, but to individual people and families.

I am not able to influence governments, cities, or world agencies, but I am able to speak into my spheres of influence and identify the extra tunics I am blessed with and use them for those who have none. Therefore I can make a difference. It is by the grace of God that I was born in a land of plenty and not in a land of want.

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