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rope imageHold This End!

The story is told of a young boy in a coastal village.  One day the cry went out, “Boy overboard! Boy overboard!”  The people from the village rushed to the water to see who it might be. Each mother was asking in her heart, "Is it my child?"  They could see him far out in the pounding surf - floundering, sinking.  A young man in the crowd grabbed a rope, tied it around his waist, and threw the other end into the crowd, shouting, “Hold this end!”  He swam out to the boy.  With the last of his energy, he grabbed the boy and held him close.  He shouted back to the crowd, “Pull the rope!”  The crowd looked to see who had the rope.  No one did.  The young man and the boy both perished.

The Second Tunic is called to hold this end of the rope.


Will you join us as we send, support and care for those who have answered the call to jump in.

As part of sharing we are investing in the lives of those who have jumped in and are trying to save those who are lost.  I also believe we are called to jump in.  As part of sending we empower teams and individuals to do just that.  Lets allow prayer to be the anchor to which it is all held fast.

For more information on how you can help contact us at inquiries@secondtunic.org

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